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The OmniSource Intern Program gives college students the opportunity to gain practical, challenging, and meaningful on-the-job work experience.

Whether you are interested in Engineering, Business, Environmental, Safety, Sales or Marketing - OmniSource can place you in the area of the company where you want to be, where you fit. Options are varied, from running an industrial operation, to day-to-day experiences with marketing professionals and customers.

You choose the area of your expertise and preference, and OmniSource will provide you with a valuable experience that you can take wherever your career path leads you.

Nicole Wiley
Trine University
Quality Systems

"I chose an internship at OmniSource because of the many opportunities to learn and improve my skill set. I am learning the value of on-the-job engineering while also enhancing my interpersonal and communication skills. Also, when I'm testing scrap using an x-ray fluorescence and emission spectroscopy, I'm learning there is a lot more that goes into scrap processing than I ever imagined."

Brian Winters
Indiana State University
Corporate Safety and Environmental Director

"As an intern, starting with OmniSource in 1997, I had the opportunity to help develop and grow OmniSource's Environmental Program when the company was still family-owned and growing quickly. Now, we are part of a much larger and publicly traded company, Steel Dynamics Inc. Not only does OmniSource's Environmental Program have potential, but I now have additional opportunities within a very successful Fortune 500® company."

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