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  1. Insulated Copper Wire — Copper wire covered with insulation is shredded and granulated to separate bare copper from the insulation.
  2. Prepared Copper Scrap — After recovery and segregation, copper scrap is processed for mills and foundries, where it is used in the manufacture of new tubing, castings, and sheet alloys.
  3. Copper Cathode — Copper scrap can be refined into pure electrolytic copper cathode, the essential raw material for the manufacture of copper wire.
  4. Copper Rod — Cathodes are melted and cast for preparation for drawing by rod and wire mills. The copper rod is drawn into wire for new electrical applications.
  5. New Copper Products — Copper's conductive properties make it the most widely used metal in electrical wire. Applications for new wire include the power, communications, and automotive industries.

Steel Cycle Start Over Aluminum Cycle

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