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OmniSource operates 11 large, powerful shredding machines that pulverize large objects fed into them, such as crushed cars, heavy machinery, agricultural equipment, steel beams and bars, steel plate, pipes, and tubing.

During this processing, we separate ferrous materials from nonferrous and further separate the copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, and other metals from the stream of nonferrous metals. In each case, we further process the metals to prepare them for sale, such as smelting aluminum scrap to produce secondary aluminum in the form of ingots.

The ferrous products that we sell are numerous in form and grade. Some forms of industrial steel scrap are sold loose, such as busheling, whereas other scrap is compressed into large cubes called bundles. But most of the ferrous scrap that we sell is shredded, or "shred," which consists of small chunks of steel scrap generated by our shredders.

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